Nurses Lead to Serve!

The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International, Inc. (AYNLA) is a non-profit professional organization of nurse advocates working on the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, access to Universal Health Care and protection of nurses' rights and welfare.

AYNLA was founded in 2009 and was registered in 2010 at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission with registration no.  CN201009281 and TIN 007-794-285. AYNLA is also a registered young professional organization of the National Youth Commission, an international member of the World Health Organization Global Health Workforce Alliance and an appointed Health Committee Chair of the National Anti-Poverty Commission, Youth & Students under the Office of the President.

AYNLA became a forefront organization for young nurses and other health professionals that forge health as a basic human right but maintaining its dynamic and cool character thus earning its trust among



AYNLA International envisions itself as the forefront international professional organization for young leaders in nursing and healthcare advocating the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through holistic nursing leadership & advance practice, health advocacy, youth empowerment and nation-building.


• Attain optimal level of professional nursing standards through Holistic Nursing Leadership;
• Work for the welfare of its members both nationally and internationally and increase the awareness of the global public on the causes of nurses and its members through innovative approaches;
• Assist nurses in employment and guidance in their new practice of the profession;
• Discover potential artistic talents, skills and the like of its members and provide avenues for such to be showcased properly;
• Strengthen internal capacities and capabilities for better quality health care services provided by all AYNLA members in all member countries;
• Respond to the changing health needs of the global society through advocacy and activism;
• Conduct seminars, summits, conferences and research studies that will generate more knowledge, discover new technologies and methodologies and advance existing scientific know-how in the nursing profession and in the field of youth & social development, leadership and management;


• Empower young nurses, student nurses and members of the allied health care professions through their active participation in activities of nation-building, youth empowerment and global partnerships & exchanges;
• Mobilize members internationally to continuously impact the organization making it more sustainable and independent in all aspects especially on its finances;
• Help achieve the Sutainable Development Goals of the United Nations, its other causes and other global humanitarian movements; and
• Establish strong linkages with government, non-government, local, national and international agencies in the attainment and furtherance of its organizational goals.


The AYNLA Corporate Seal

The AYNLA Corporate Seal is the emblem of the Alliance that is used in the local, national and international level. The shield symbolizes strength and protection and assurance while the globe symbolizes the global competitiveness of each member in providing health care and it also symbolizes the reach of the services of the Alliance. The lamp symbolizes the nursing profession and the laurel leaves symbolize peace, advocacy, education and nobility. The Alibata (Baybayin) inscriptions, the ancient Filipino way of writing, “Pinuno” which means “Leader” in English.

AYNLA Core Concept Model: The Structure of Organization's Pillars


The Power to Change. It is the core that shapes what is unseen, to create something revolutionary and start a new trend in practice, education and everything in the profession. It is set to be on top of the main pillars.


The Power to Influence. It is the core that affects and effects others to follow on what is right and just and to set or influence another person’s mindset, belief or lifestyle from his or her own. This is the first main pillar.


The Power to Achieve. It is the core that pushes every leader to give more than what is required. To provide something more than the ordinary, outlasting one’s self. This is the second main pillar.


The Power to Inspire. It is the core that burns with passion to serve the underprivileged, the abused and the unwanted. This is a character that leaders possess and drives them to continue their passion regardless of trials. This is the third main pillar.


The Power to Persevere. This is the core that endures hardships and challenges. This brings focus to what is mandated and pushes through regardless of difficulties. This is the fourth main pillar.


The Power to Rebuild. This is the core that is the foundation of everything our leaders are doing and will be doing. This is the main reason why our professions exist. Empowerment springs from undying love of service. This is the base of all our main pillars.

AYNLA Core Concept Model